​Why Are You in Business?

​For many businesses it is more than making a living.  It is ...

... having a purpose

​... finding your personal path

Owning a business helps you find your place in the world.

The stories we tell help us find our audience, who care about our purpose.  They help us communicate who we are and for the self-employed this is crucial.

Telling Stories: Making Business is a twice monthly lunch and learn.  

What happens?

​We order lunch* and make brief introductions

​Today's Story-Teller tells their story:

  • check
    the group helps them understand their story, takes it apart and puts it back together again
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    ​we discuss how it can best be used to promote their business
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    we consider the media they use to tell the story

​At the end we go round with 1 minute each to introduce our own business and say how this session has helped your business.

*  Please note the Village Grill has a lunchtime menu of burgers, wraps and similar.  There are vegetarian options ​and the food is mostly carbohydrate heavy!

​The group meets second and fourth Thursdays.

​Time: 12.15 - 1.45pm

Place: Village Grill, 344 Abbeydale Road. S7 1FP

Contribution: £10 at the door, includes lunch.  (We buy lunch for the Story-Teller.)

​Details of meetings are below.  Please sign up on Eventbrite so that we can offer The Village Grill an idea of numbers.

If you ​search on Eventbrite, please ​look out for this image:

Chris Sissons discusses smart coaching with 3 others.

​Winter 2018 Programme

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​Name and Business

​Story Title

​8 February 2018

Dr Jonathan Frost, Fix-My-PC.net

​22 February 2018

​Trev Baker, Life Rolls On

​8 March 2018

​Zoe Robinson, Hypnotherapy by Zoe

​22 March 2018

​Sarah Hattersley, Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

​If you would like to tell your story, please contact Chris Sissons ​on the mobile number at the top of the page.  Currently second and fourth Thursdays from ​April 2018 are free.

Audrey Scully Purity Natural Healing

Improve How You Get Your Business Across

I really enjoyed it. I told my story and I must admit I didn’t prepare it before because I never do. I had great feedback about how I can alter it, how I can improve on it. And what I can bring across to connect more people to want to come to me and my business. Chris is a really good mentor in this and so I recommend anyone who would like to come across and would like to improve how they get their business across to come to this Telling Stories.

Mark Kehoe Inspire Confidence Coaching

Excellent Feedback to Help Me Enormously as a Speaker

I recently attended the storytelling event run by Chris Sissons as a speaker sharing my story. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I have to say that Chris is one of the most nicest and genuine people you will ever meet. He helped me so much when it came to formatting my story so that I can present it to people in the best way possible. He gave me some excellent feedback which is going to help me enormously as a speaker and I am so grateful to him for this. He also very kindly gave me a coaching session where he helped me to come up with an amazing idea in how I can promote myself as a speaker and coach and I am so very grateful for this as It will help me to connect with so many people who are looking for positive changes in their lives. I would absolutely recommend that anyone wanting to share there story attend this event. Chris Sissons is very good at what he does and I feel very grateful that I was given the opportunity to share my story at this amazing event. Thank you

​​Past Sessions


​Name and Business

​Story Title

​25 ​January 2018

​​Zoe Wadsworth, FAB Events

​11 January 2018

​​Matthew ​Woodhall, ​Meshviz

​14 December 2017

​Helen Lodge, Union Homes

​23 November 2017

​​Robert Pearce, The Marketing Ladder

​9 November 2017

​Audrey Scully, Purity Natural Healing

​26 October 2017

​Lee Furness, Public Speaking Academy

​12 October 2017

​Mark Kehoe, Inspire Confidence Coaching

My Life So Far​​​

​28 Septemb​er 2017

​Michelle Nicholson, Key Changes - Unlocking Women's Potential

​14 September 2017

​Andrew Bennett, Hartcliff Limited (Financial planning with built in peace of mind.)