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Know Your Business

Five elements you need to know to grow your business

Prepare Your Business Narrative

Includes a conversation with Carmel Page

Strategic Marketing

Advantages of an email strategy and introdition to the O V O method.


I Enjoy Telling My Story

I’ve realised today through telling my story, that you know actually people do like to see the vulnerable side of you and I do enjoy telling my story because I know, I have realised, I can empower people and whether I can use this to grow my business, that’s another thing. I’ve got some ideas now of potentially doing a small video and putting it out there. It’s something that I’ve not done before, wear my heart on my sleeve but I think I feel comfortable enough now to do it and I have realised people have enjoyed hearing it and it could potentially help me to help other people.

Helen Lodge Union Homes

Really Lovely Feedback

Hi, I’m Beverly Radley from Breakthrough from Within and I was really honoured to be able to tell the story of my brother today. It’s the 14th of March, the day he passed away. So it’s very poignant and it was really lovely to have a supportive group of people, to journey that story with me and to give such really lovely feedback and lots of helpful information to take my story forward. Thank you.

Beverly Radley Breakthrough from Within