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Know Your Business

Five elements you need to know to grow your business

Prepare Your Business Narrative

Includes a conversation with Carmel Page

Strategic Marketing

Advantages of an email strategy and introdition to the O V O method.


Friendly Safe Environment

Thanks Chris. I found it really really useful. The feedback I got from you guys was invaluable and really kind of got me thinking about how I can use some of those examples of sort of cars from my life and others actually and actually drive more specific learnings and illustrate points in my business. So thank you, a really interesting session, lovely sandwich, good company and I’d encourage people to come. It’s a really safe environment and it’s a friendly, nice environment and certainly I’ve got a huge amount of value out of it and will continue to develop this story and others and use them for the business. Thank you.

Stephen Dawson Financial Advisor

Great Time Telling My Story

I had a great time telling my story to Chris Sissons and the audience. It helped me to go on to give my story at a conference this last weekend on the 7th October in an arena of experts by experience and academic experts. My talk was well recieved and I was described at being able to tackle key issues in the criminal issues but whilst being able to talk from the heart. Thanks to everyone that heard me at this session I appreciate your feedback.

Michelle Nicholson Key Changes: Unlocking Women's Potential