Market Together


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Know Your Business

Five elements you need to know to grow your business

Prepare Your Business Narrative

Includes a conversation with Carmel Page

Strategic Marketing

Advantages of an email strategy and introdition to the O V O method.


A Safe Space

It’s been really nice to be in a safe space that I can share a different side of my story authentically and get really honest and constructive feedback. Actually having somebody that can help to direct it, to make the story relevant for business. I think you mentioned in terms of personal story, market story and traditional story. That’s what I found really useful. So I definitely recommend this space for anybody who wants to think about developing their story and how can they embed storytelling into, using the tools of storytelling to help sell their business better. Thank you Chris and thank you everybody. It’s been a pleasure to be here and I definitely recommend it to other people to cover. Thank you.

Angga Kara Inner Fire Coach

Story-Telling Helps Me Find Something in Myself

Chris it’s been great, really nice to come and think I’ll come back again and again. Story-telling not only is interesting for everyone else but it helps me find something in myself about how to not just tell my story but work out what it is I want to tell not just to others but to work it out for myself, what I want to do. So thank you for inviting me, I’ve enjoyed it, it’s been great.

Lee Furness Public Speaking Coach