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Know Your Business

Five elements you need to know to grow your business

Prepare Your Business Narrative

Includes a conversation with Carmel Page

Strategic Marketing

Advantages of an email strategy and introdition to the O V O method.


I Enjoy Telling My Story

I’ve realised today through telling my story, that you know actually people do like to see the vulnerable side of you and I do enjoy telling my story because I know, I have realised, I can empower people and whether I can use this to grow my business, that’s another thing. I’ve got some ideas now of potentially doing a small video and putting it out there. It’s something that I’ve not done before, wear my heart on my sleeve but I think I feel comfortable enough now to do it and I have realised people have enjoyed hearing it and it could potentially help me to help other people.

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A Lot to Think About

It’s been really interesting. There’s been quite a lot of things to take away from today and a lot to think about to try and tie all the elements into a nice cohesive story.

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