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Know Your Business

Five elements you need to know to grow your business

Prepare Your Business Narrative

Includes a conversation with Carmel Page

Strategic Marketing

Advantages of an email strategy and introdition to the O V O method.


Back Inside My Comfort Zone!

Hi Chris, well first off thanks very much for having me. I must admit I was a little bit outside my comfort zone before I stepped in here today because as much as I’m used to speaking, to audiences and so on, this is a much more intimate situation. Actually, you made it all very seamless, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I came away with some learning points which for me is always important in any exercise. And largely that structured my story. The story’s there but I think in hindsight the way I’ve been telling it needed tweaking in the way you suggested, the CABC and that makes perfect sense for me, which for someone with OCD is a very good thing to do. I found the questions from the group and their statements, comments, etc, interesting and thought provoking and all in all I thoroughly enjoyed it and thoroughly recommend that anyone who wants to get their story together in a manner that’s going to work better would come along and listen and/or be in the hot seat as it were. When I’d finished I was way back inside my comfort zone. So thank you very much.

Sue Curr Fear Less & Live More

Mt Audience Enjoyed My Story

I just told my story. I’m quite happy that I related it and the response for me is good and I realised that the audience enjoyed it.

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