A Script for Your Business:​ 

Hello, I’m Chris Sissons, founder of Market Together.  I help people ​explain why they ​are in ​business.  ​This coaching offer is made jointly with the Public Speaking Academy.

Have you ever ​had ​this challenge?

Do you find proven marketing methods don’t seem to work for you?  Often there’s nothing wrong with the method – or with you!  ​You can spend a lot of time, money and energy driving down the wrong road. Getting better at the method simply means you get to the wrong place faster! 

It could be ​you are not clear about your business narrative.  Do you really know why your business chose you?  Until you are clear about your narrative, no marketing method can work its magic for your business.

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Here’s my story

If you’re ​like me, you have a clear idea why you’re in ​​business but find it difficult to explain to others.  What seems obvious to you is met with incomprehension.

I find, when I demonstrate practically how ​to transform the raw material of your life story into the Story of Your Life, ​business-owners easily see the point.  When I attempt to share the benefits, clarity slips away like water into the sand. 

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I worked with stories as a community development worker, helping local residents build community businesses and development trusts, planning developments they want to see, applying for finance for ambitious projects.

Stories help people take action, far more than theory – the technicalities of change leave people cold.  Seeing lives transformed by stories creates real enthusiasm for change. 

Sharing stories is the foundation of change.  When we share stories we find common ground, where we can see ​potential, through shared experience, for real change. 

This ​​lesson ​takes us to ​the heart of business.  Business ​makes a difference when based on shared stories.  When we compete and work in isolation, we achieve little or nothing; marketing together potentially changes the world.

Here’s how I found my solution...

I was made redundant in 2011.  ​As part of my severance package, I attended a website design course.  For 2 years I travelled to Wolverhampton to learn the secrets of html and CSS.  I learned two main things:

First, ​html and CSS are technicalities, design is something else entirely.  It is the narrative we arrange on the page that matters far more than how we put it there.  These days the tools are available to all, you don’t need html or CSS.  What matters is what to say and how to say it. 

Second, websites are for marketing.  So, I started to study marketing and found much that was familiar from my time in development work. 

​I've f​ound the challenge is not only design of a marketing campaign but also production of the offers we make.  This requires ​an imaginative leap, repeatedly ​using your business purpose ​as a springboard.  ​The foundations of marketing design and production is a coherent, consistent and compelling business narrative. 

My association with the Public Speaking Academy (PSA), is an important recent development. Sheffield is extremely fortunate to be the base for PSA.  The city was a world centre for special steels until the 1980s. Its economy was based on large-scale industry and so Sheffield does not have the entrepreneurial reputation of other cities, such as Birmingham and London.  PSA brings not only public speaking expertise to the city but also a practical example of the best of modern marketing practice.  PSA has helped several new businesses get off the ground and sponsors the PSA Curry Club, an opportunity for business owners to network over a curry and hear excellent speakers from the region and further afield.

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​Early in 2017, at a suggestion from PSA, I started “Telling Stories: Making Business”, an opportunity to listen with others, to business stories and work on them together.  This has proved a practical route to understanding how storytelling works for business.

Results from Telling Stories...

I've helped ​over thirty business owners tell ​their story ​​since April 2017.  Some were struggling to p​ut together a compelling narrative from their lived experie​nce.  Others offered a highly polished story.  Stories are never complete - each telling is a fresh experience that offers new insights.

Through reading, study and experience, I ​developed a deeper understanding of what makes an inspirational story and how to use stories to build a business narrative. 

My “graduates” see their story in a new light.  ​Telling Stories: Making Business opens a paintbox with far more colours and textures than they thought possible.  Business people tell a lot of stories to promote their work and it is ​fasc​inating to hear how someone’s story develops after a Telling Stories meeting. 

Some people have a big, single narrative – a massive story, caught up in deep-seated emotion.  It is a story that needs to be shared and dominates all other stories.  I've ​found there are many ways to share these stories and the same life experience generates many stories.

Others have no single narrative and perhaps feel they have nothing of interest to share.  But you can turn even the most mundane events into compelling stories.

Great Feedback

Today I’ve given a talk on being a writer, the challenges of being a writer and how to persist in being a writer when the world is against you. I’ve received some great feedback on how to make things work better and it’s a really nice group!

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Writing Services

Here’s something new...

Let me introduce A Script for Your Business​.  With this offer, I help you write a keynote script for public speaking, your website, business networking or social media.

In this coaching package, I work with you step by step to prepare ​the script.  We work together to tease out your business narrative, write and review your script and share it through your chosen media channel. 

The coaching goes at your pace and you work on your script with help from me.  The coaching is in three parts:

  • 1
    ​We work on your business narrative and find the stories and other data you need to populate it.
  • 2
    ​You prepare a first draft and we refine it together.  We research aspects that are not clear, experiment with storytelling techniques, find new material, tailor it to specific events and explore variations. 
  • 3
    ​We apply your script to your chosen media channel, rehearse and get your presentation on point.

Here’s why it’s great for you...

Picture how you’ll feel with a well-written and rehearsed script.  You ​are far more confident, presenting your business ​where people ​pay attention.  ​People ​respond to your call to action, ​commit to you and buy your product.  

​With this package, you ​discover your business narrative and you can apply ​it to other aspects of your business. Every aspect of your marketing ​is transformed as you apply your business narrative, eg social media posts, blog posts, elevator pitch, business cards and flyers ...  You ​find customers and make friends.  ​They ​understand your offer, ​opt into it and pass it on to others.  They ​support ​your offer because they see why it is important. 

Here’s why it’s different...

This is not simply about writing a script.  More profoundly, this package ​builds ​marketing skills and therefore confidence.  You receive feedback as you experiment with new ideas and ​work out how to make a real difference through your narrative. 

You ​become clear about the “why” of your business, what makes it distinctive and attractive to your market.

Here’s why it’s a great deal...

​This offer saves you time, energy and money because it cuts down the costs of producing a keynote by providing you with feedback as you work.  ​This approach works whether you prepare for a crucial speech to a massive audience, need to pitch to a small group of decision-makers or launch a marketing campaign. 

You save money because this package ​helps you write your script, it is not a Done-For-You package.  ​You save more because once you have the skills, you can use them over and again.  

The fee for this package is £350 - £995.  The difference depends on how fast you want results and the degree of polish you need for the final keynote. 

Here’s what else you get...

This is a joint offer with the Public Speaking Academy.  When you sign up, you join the PSA community.  You receive 1 – 3 months membership, which means if you need, for example, to brush up your public speaking, you can do so at no extra fee.

Here’s why there is no risk...

A great deal depends on the energy and insights you bring to the coaching.  I aim to help you make a marked improvement to the presentation of your business. 

​We meet for an enrolment conversation before you sign up.  This saves ​time and anxiety, if this offer is not suitable for you.  Both Market Together and PSA make other offers and it is possible we may find a different product that ​works for you.

​We offer a money-back guarantee, if you are unhappy following your first coaching session. 

Here’s why to buy now...

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Sign up for a free enrolment conversation today.  This is an opportunity to find out more and explore exactly what you need. 

Here’s an extra bonus...

At the end of the enrolment conversation, whatever the outcome, you receive a printout of seven tips for improving storytelling.  This checklist helps improve your storytelling, you can quickly apply it to any story you tell. 

Here’s a summary of what you get when you buy now...

Sign-up to receive:

  • ​A free enrolment conversation to work out exactly what you need.  This may result in an offer to sign up for A Script for Your Business​ or maybe some other product from Market Together or PSA. 
  • ​A one-side A4 checklist for improving your storytelling.
  • ​If you go ahead with the coaching, you receive a three-part coaching plan where you design and produce a great keynote and work out how to share it with your audience.
  • ​1 – 3 months membership of PSA depending on the ​price of your package.  This enables you to experience extra public speaking training at no extra charge.  This is a great opportunity to build confidence if you are new to public speaking or polish established speaking skills. 

Call to Action...

Sign up for an enrolment conversation now!  

​Find out how others have experienced Market Together on my website.  Many others have used PSA and their website includes testimonials too.


Meticulous Mentor

Chris is a meticulous mentor who helped me define what I wanted from him and from the web site. Just articulating the questions and goals was helpful. Even more, it helped motivate me to actually get on and do it in my busy schedule. Chris’s style is unflappable, approachable, analytical, non-judgemental, clear – and clear about what he doesn’t know but can find out. It’s a co-learning exercise as Chris himself improves on his already well-developed skills and I learn to use the website. I recommend Chris to anyone in the creative or voluntary sectors.

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Going Deep into What I Really Want to Get Across

Hi, I’m Audrey Scully, Purity Natural Healing and I have just had a session with Chris Sissons, who is helping me find my story and refine my pitch. I’ve really enjoyed this session. Chris has explained different marketing techniques and also looked at how I’m presenting my pitch, how I’m saying it and how I can improve on the delivery of it as well. And also going deep into what it is I really want to get across. I’ve really learned a lot from this session and I’m looking forward to more sessions with Chris and I really recommend him. Thank you.

Audrey Scully Purity Natural Healing