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​Marketing for Change: Marketing Design for Beginners 

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This to contain written material, reference to blog posts and the questions.


​Take time to write down your answers to these questions.  If you write them down you are likely to be more thorough, have a record for future reference and something to share with others.

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​Now share your answers below or else share what you have learned from answering the questions.  If you have any questions yourself, ask them here.  I shall respond to all relevant comments.

​​M4C Members

​This section is for participants in Marketing for Change.  ​First, a few ​answers you ​made to my questions in the last newsletter.  There is ​space for achievements and requests for help. Towards the end there ​are introduc​tory sections for each participant.  ​Add to these, for example, new events or ​offers.  Remember the better people know you, the more likely they are to introduce you to good prospects.  If you would like to add something, please email me with the content.

​Responses to Last Month's Questions

​Here are a few responses to the questions at the head of the last edition of Quincunx.  


Things that have gone well for your business last month.

Requests for Help!

​Anything you need help with this month.

​Your Business

Chris Sissons

​Chris Sissons, Market Together

​Market Together

Market Together offers coaching to freelance business owners who are starting out and need help understanding marketing and how they can be effective in the marketplace or those who have tried a few things with limited success.


As well as M4C, I offer coaching packages that work in depth on your business to design a marketing plan that works for you.  


​Twice a month I run Telling Stories: Making Business, where business people listen to a story and provide feedback.  They are at 12.15pm, second and fourth Thursdays.  This month's story tellers are:

​Contact Details

​Websites:  Market Together 

​                   Market Together Blog 

Telling Stories Facebook Page

Mobile: 07887 352841


​Members' Meetings

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List the next three meetings here.  

Please come prepared to buy lunch at the venue.

Telephone Conversations

Offer dates and times for phone calls

​​How to Become a Member of Marketing for Change

​Membership is for coaches, consultants and freelancers who are starting out or ​having trouble finding a marketing plan that works for them.  Each month we shall explore together some aspect of relational marketing.  There are opportunities to share your journey with others in a similar place online and in-person.

​Sign up for this monthly newsletter with challenging monthly questions to ​interrogate ​your business.  In addition:

  • ​​Attend a monthly lunch and learn ​to ​work on your answers with other members.
  • ​Request a 15 minute telephone conversation each month with Chris on any relevant  topic you choose.
  • ​​Ask questions via email correspondence with Chris.
  • ​​Opportunities to ​share your marketing ideas ​with others and receive feedback.

From time to time, I shall add new features to this membership offer. So long as your membership is unbroken, you continue to pay at the rate you signed up at.

​​If you ​received this newsletter from a friend and would like to ​become a member, book a one-to-one with me.  ​Call or text Chris Sissons on 07887 352841.


Telling Stories: Making Business

​Meets every second and fourth Thursday, 12.15pm, The Rude Shipyard. There is no diabled access and so please let me know in advance if you are likely to have difficulty.  Fee is £5 to cover my costs, including the story-tellers lunch. You will need to order from the cafe for your lunch, too.  Here are this month's meetings:

  • ​Meeting 1
  • ​Meeting 2
  • ​Meeting 3

Follow the links to find out more about each meeting and register with Eventbrite.  Visit the Telling Stories web page for the full programme and past meetings.

​Other Relevant Events

​Other events about marketing and business growth that might interest you:

​Members' Events

​Please support these events from other members if you can.

Your Questions Answered

​These are my response to questions asked my members over the last month.