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​Marketing for Change: Marketing Design for Beginners 

​M​ost Things Don't Work!

Why ​is it most marketing methods don't work? ​Almost certainly, ​​you are capable of following ​your chosen method. ​​​Also, ​proven marketing methods work when applied in ​​favourable circumstances.  So, why don't they work for you?

The issue is whether you ​use the right methods for ​the stage of ​development your business is at.  ​You must do ​essential groundwork to prepare for more advanced methods. 

​​If you are an experienced coach with proven expertise, your first priority is to package your offer so that you have something you are confident you can sell.  This is the stage where you make strategic decisions ​​to apply consistently and frequently in you​r marketing.

​​Then you can ​work out how to market ​your business and ​sell ​your offer.  Marketing is how you get people interested in your ​business and sales is how you get them to commit to a specific offer.  Each refusal provides you with more information about what works, so that you can improve how you deliver your message.  

​​These are the first two stages of ​the business development model I ​describe in the video.  ​The model helps us understand the priorities of the stage we are at and the tools we need to complete that stage.  

​​Watch the video and read on to find out more about Marketing for Change.


​Take time to write down your answers to these questions.  If you write them down you are likely to be more thorough, have a record for future reference and something to share with others.  

  • 1
    ​What is your business origin story?  Write it down and don't worry about whether it is interesting. You can decide whether to share it later.
  • 2
    ​Write down what it would be like to reach step 5 and be an authority in your chosen business.  How ​does this possible future help you make decisions in the present?  
  • 3
    ​Think about the marketing tools you have used so far or considered using.  ​At which step in business development do you think they would be most effective?  

​Now share your answers below or else share what you have learned from answering the questions.  If you have any questions yourself, ask them here.  I shall respond to all relevant comments.

​​​Join "Marketing for Change"

Marketing is never easy, especially when you’re starting out. The number of options on offer, often expensive in time and money, is bewildering.  The truth is most marketing methods work well when applied in the context for which they were designed.  But even some of the most popular approaches were not designed for business start-ups.  Methods like search engine optimisation or email-lists are unlikely to work for you during the early stages of business development, although it may be wise to plan for implementation later.

It is possible to earn income during early stages of business growth but most marketing techniques will not deliver for you at that stage.

The early stages of your business are a great opportunity to (1) interrogate your business ideas and design a few saleable packages, (2) upgrade your business ideas so you have a transformational vision for your business and (3) design a marketing plan that works and you enjoy doing.

Your plan needs to be:

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    Relational – the hard sell is unlikely to work for a small business because people are bombarded with marketing all the time, especially online.  The most effective approach for small businesses is to build relationships with a potential market.
  • check
    Transformational – you need to have a vision for the change you want to see in some aspect of society.  Your vision is a call out to others who share your aspirations.
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    Personal – you can use the entirety of your knowledge, experience and skills to market your business.  You are more likely to enjoy your marketing ​and so come across as genuine and sincere. 
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    Strategic – if you know your goals and have ideas about how to meet them, you are more likely to achieve them.  This is crucial for work-life balance.

​​​​Membership is for coaches, consultants and freelancers who are starting out or ​having trouble finding a marketing plan that works for them.  Each month we shall explore ​some aspect of relational marketing​ and take opportunities to share your journey with others, online and in-person.

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Chris Sissons​Chris Sissons, Market Together

​Market Together

Market Together offers coaching to freelance business owners, who need help understanding ​marketing and how they can be effective in the marketplace.


As well as M4C, I offer coaching packages that work in depth to interrogate your business, ​upgrade your ideas and design a marketing plan that works for you.  


​Twice a month I run Telling Stories: Making Business, where business people listen to a story and provide feedback.  

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Telling Stories: Making Business

​Meets every second and fourth Thursday, 12.15pm, The Rude Shipyard. There is no disabled access and so please let me know in advance if you are likely to have difficulty.  Fee is £5 to cover my costs, including the story-tellers lunch.  You ​need to order from the cafe for your lunch, too.  Here are this month's meetings:

Follow the links to find out more about each meeting and register with Eventbrite.  Registration helps me and the cafe prepare for the meeting. Visit the Telling Stories web page for the full programme, testimonials and past meetings.

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Your Questions Answered

​If you have any questions about marketing or M4C, text them to me and I'll ​answer them here.

In the meantime, here are some testimonials:

Audrey Scully Joy is the Key

My Emails will be Different

We’ve just had a morning with Chris telling us about how to do storytelling and putting it in an email along with Carmel Page who actually also helped us tell our story in a more passionate and emotional way. I really, really enjoyed this session and it’s really helped me to think about things like putting in my story how the smell of something or the taste, setting the scene, and thinking about lots of other things and of course putting in the emotion. So, look out for my emails, they’ll be a lot different from now on. It was very good and lasted about 3 hours.

Chris will be doing more of this, so if you’re interested in finding out more, message Chris. He’s very good at storytelling and he’s doing marketing, telling us as well how to put it in emails and how to get it out there and doing blogs and things like that.

Lisa Read Sheffield Coaching Exchange

Inspiring and Thought-Provoking Talk

Thank you for an inspiring and thought-provoking talk at Sheffield Coaching Exchange last night. You got us all thinking about how we can market our businesses to our local communities more effectively. You also reignited our passion for how our coaching contributes to our city. I’ve come away entertained and with lots to think about. I’d recommend your services to other small, local businesses, and I’d encourage all to listen to you talk.