​Market Together: Offers for PSA Mastermind

Chris Sissons coaches consultants, freelancers and coaches  ​for local marketing.  He has over thirty years’ experience working with steel and coal communities to develop community enterprises, businesses and plans.  He ​uses participat​ory methods, to identify and use available assets to bring about change.

He believes ​business is about social change and to be successful freelancers need to embrace their dreams, find their market and work together with other businesses to transform their own lives, generate wealth and improve their local environment.  Chris helps businesses discover the assets available to them and use them productively to market their dreams.

​Chris says: "See below for my offers for PSA Mastermind.  I hope there is something here for everyone.  Choose more than one if you wish and speak to me if you think I can help in some other way.  Testimonials are always welcome and I can show you how to help others prepare good ones for you."

Chris Sissons

​Mobile: 07887 352841

Email: csissons079@talktalk.net

Offer 1:  “Marketing Through Your Strengths” Coaching Session

Most marketing training begins in the wrong place.  If you choose an approach that does not work for you, you can spend a lot of time and money efficiently motoring away from where you need to be.

Worse, if you hate every minute of motoring in the wrong direction, your frustration will be there for the world to see.

Worse, almost certainly you will not showcase the very thing the world needs to receive from you.  ​PSA Masterminds all have something to offer and marketing is our obligation to put that thing out there in the most compelling way possible.

Imagine if you could place what you’re good at and enjoy doing at the heart of your marketing.  How do you design marketing that does you justice?

My offer is a without obligation coaching session to see if we can pin down your core marketing strength.

What do you get out of it?

Fresh insights into your overall approach to your business.  You will take away your first building blocks for a marketing design that showcases your offer and stands out from your competition.

What do I get out of it?

Practice!  I need to work out the questions to ask and how to deliver on this promise.  Yes, you will be guinea pigs.  (And it will be brilliant, even if you’re the first!)  This is not an enrolment conversation.  I will not seek to enter into a contractual coaching arrangement.  However, if we ​discover real benefits to working on this further, I am prepared to offer special rates for Masterminds.

​Contact me by phone or email to arrange a session.

Offer 2:  Telling Stories: Making Business

This is already ​available as an offer for anyone who can afford £10 for a lunch and learn.  But look what you get (besides lunch):

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    ​To hear often moving or inspirat​ional stories and so get to know a range of business owners better
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    ​You get an opportunity to help another business owner work on their story
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    ​You learn more about how to structure stories to make them more compelling
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    ​Understand more about how to use stories to market your business
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    ​More about the methods available to get your story out there
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    ​Some time to apply your learning to your own business

​Furthermore, you can volunteer to be a story-teller and apart from improving your story, we offer the age-old tradition ​of free lunch for the story-teller!

Find the programme on my Telling Stories webpage.

I’m filling sessions in the New Year now and so please let me know if you are interested. If you don’t live in Sheffield, I’m happy to discuss what I’m doing if you would like to start something similar in your town.

Offer ​3:  ​Low-End Product Design Workshop

Most of us have lead magnets and substantial coaching packages.  But perhaps we have prospects who cannot afford our rates or would like to try us out before committing to something more expensive.

A low-end package should mean a reduced time commitment for you, while offering a chance to experience the benefits of working with you. 

This is perhaps one of the hardest packages to design because it needs to be of value but leave your prospects hungry for more.

This workshop will be an opportunity to put our heads together and help each other come up with viable ideas.

What do you get out of it?

​You will walk away with an idea and draft marketing copy for your new offer.  You will have loads of ideas about how to design your package.  You will need to do more work to implement your package, there’s a limit to what we can do in a 2 -3 hour workshop.

What do I get out of it?

​I have learned over ​years working in community, ​the value of participative methods.  The value from generative conversations can be immense.  The workshop will be an opportunity to apply them in a business environment. 


​If I can find 6 Mastermind participants to take part in the workshop, I’ll fix a date in the New Year.  Then I shall advertise the workshop and charge a reasonable fee to anyone outside the Mastermind.  My aim is to cover my costs and so I may ask for a voluntary contribution to cover costs if the fees don’t cover the room bookings, etc.  (If they more than cover costs, we can have cake!)

​Contact me by phone or email to arrange a session.

Offer ​4:  ​Marketing Blog

I ​write a blog ​about marketing, the local economy and development work.  There are over 500 posts covering a range of topics.

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    ​The blog is easy to navigate in the main.  Just ask if you can't find a topic.
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    Sign up on the right to receive a weekly update of new blog posts.
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    ​I reply to all comments.  Comments are an opportunity to find out more and debate live issues.
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    ​​If it turns out I have not covered a rele​vant topic, ask me and I will be delighted to write about your topic.
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    ​I am happy to host guest writers, ask me if you want more information.

​​What do you get out of it?

Learn and debate marketing.  If you write as a guest or for your own blog, I’m happy to supply feedback on your writing and how you present your blog.

What do I get out of it?

More readers!  It would be great to get a community of readers and writers who comment.  Or maybe a few blogger Masterminds could join forces and work out how we get ​conversations going.

The Market Together blog is on my Community Web Consultant site.  Navigate using "Resources" in the primary navigation or categories in the sidebar.  There is a search box in the footer.  If lost, ask!

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Finally  ...

Watch out for Marketing for Change – my all singing, all dancing new low-end offer!

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