Path to Attract Your Audience

Pathways to Attract Your Audience

​​Are you a business owner or organisation leader:

  • ​struggling to reach your audience online or in-person?
  • ​not sure where to begin or which strategies to use?
  • ​not clear about the support available or what you need?
  • unsure about how to integrate marketing with your other business activities?

​With this package, you ​design a clear strategic plan for marketing your local business or organisation. This step-by-step plan, ​helps you attract and engage members or customers, using in-person and online methods.


​You ...

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    ​Design a customised, step-by-step marketing plan for your organisation, including both online and in-person strategies to attract a consistent following. To do this, you ​work out how you can:
  • Develop a strong know-like-trust factor with your potential members or customers through a compelling business narrative
  • ​Clearly identify potential members or customers so you know exactly where to find them and what they want
  • Clarify your products, services and/or causes for successful online and in-person promotion
  • Confidently represent your business to potential customers so they highly value what you offer
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    Develop a clear prioritised implementation timeline for your marketing plan
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    Become a leader for your team so they are motivated to implement your plan successfully


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    ​Two 50-minute sessions per month for 3 months (total of 6 sessions).  These can be delivered in-person or using Skype or similar.
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    ​Up to two 10-minute emergency sessions per month (on demand, usually by phone)
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    ​Unlimited e-mail support in between sessions
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    Detailed questionnaire covering all aspects of your marketing
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    Detailed marketing design written together

​This is for you if ...

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    ​You have experience with in-person marketing but need help with detailed planning of your overall strategy
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    ​You are able to build your own website but need help planning its content and purpose
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    ​You are employing a web designer but need help preparing a brief and/or managing their work

This is NOT for you if ...

  • ​You need help building your own website
  • ​Your website designer fully understands the purpose of your organisation


Arrange a free consultation by calling me at 07887 352841.   Meetings can be in-person (if you live in the Sheffield, UK area) or online, eg Skype.

Dave Roberts Andromeda Coaching

Develop and Integrate Your Marketing

I approached Chris initially because I was looking for help preparing a website for my new coaching and training business. A key thing I learned early on from Chris is that website preparation is only partly about graphics and design – what really counts is how you develop and integrate the marketing of your services. Much of this was new to me, but the end result is a lot of positive client feedback on how professional and focused my website now looks. I would certainly not have achieved this without Chris’s support. Along the way I’ve also picked-up lots of useful tips about verbal and written presentation, and networking. We’ve also built a marketing plan, which I’m now poised to put into action.

Chris was conscientious and supportive, and good at challenging my sometimes too-comfortable assumptions. He has given very good value and I’m more than happy to recommend his services.


Arrange a free consultation by calling me at 07887 352841.   Meetings can be in-person (if you live in the Sheffield, UK area) or online, eg Skype.