Marketing Through Your Strengths

​Marketing Through ​Strengths and Stories

​Maggot ​​in Old English means a whimsical o​r strange idea!

Most marketing begins in the wrong place! Choose an approach that does not work for you and you spend a lot of time and money efficiently motoring away from where you need to be.

Worse, if you hate every minute of motoring in the wrong direction, your frustration is there for the world to see.

Worse still, you do not showcase the very thing the world needs to receive from you. ​Local business owners and not-for-profits have something unique to offer. Marketing is your obligation to try something new in the most compelling way possible.

Obligations are rarely pleasurable.  But imagine if what you’re good at and enjoy doing were at the heart of your marketing. How do you design marketing that does you justice?  Honours your unique insights and experiences?

This single coaching session aims to uncover your core marketing strengths and stories. 


Maggot in Old English meant a whimsical or strange idea.  That’s what you’re looking for!  It might not seem right at first but live with it for a bit and see whether it grows into something you can use.  One day your maggot might become a beautiful bluebottle!

Metamorphosis is always a story.  Your maggot is somewhere in your story.  Maybe your life story or some incident or experience.  It could be something ongoing that makes you unique but perhaps you don’t use in your marketing.

​Seek your maggot in your life story and feature it in the story you tell to promote your business.  This is your opportunity to take stock, find one or more possibilities and start to live with them, ponder them and see how they grow and develop.


​Look closel​y and see the beauty of the bluebottle and they're healers too!

Stay hanging: 

              stay foolish.

​Steve Jobs 

Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc; Primary ​Investor and Chairman of Pixar

How to Sign Up!

If you would like more information, call or text me on:

07887 352841

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What's Involved?

​Discover your first building block for a marketing design that showcases your offer and stands out from your competition.

I'll send you a set of questions to prepare for the session. The coaching itself takes about an hour.

This is a single taster coaching session that aims to get you started. If you choose to continue with my coaching programme, I deduct the fee for this session from the coaching package you choose.

The fee for this taster package is £47.


Sixty Minutes of Absolute Value

I have just had my marketing session with Chris. Sixty minutes of absolute value. Chris has given me lots of thoughts, lots of ideas and above all an opportunity to see what I deliver to my clients; an opportunity to see what I deliver and where I come from when I’m communicating with them. He has given me so many thoughts and ideas I know I can take forward and take forward in a not icky way, because those of you that know me know that I don’t do in your face, hook ‘em in and all that malarkey. Those of you that know me will see a loud person but underneath I really don’t like to put myself forward. I struggle to get hold of clients and approach them in a way that I feel comfortable because I don’t want to be a big brash saleswoman, I don’t want to be a sell them a £5K product, I want to help people first and foremost. Chris has given me some fantastic ideas to just tweak slightly what I am doing and to be able to enhance my business without me being in your face constantly all the time. Absolutely brilliant hour, he gives you a little bit of homework to do, just about right to get the cogs turning, to think about what you actually offer. It is done in a holistic way as well.

Elaine Mitchell Empowerment Life Coach

A Nugget of What is Core to Yourself

I’ve just spent really a fascinating hour with marketing expert Chris Sissons in Sheffield. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the session with Chris but we worked at finding a nugget of what is core to yourself, what distinguishes you from all competitors and one we came up with today was self-expression. It’s interesting actually because I always talk about self-confidence and overcome challenge to speaking confidence. It’s what I do and love doing. But to actually describe that as self-expression just puts a slightly nuanced angle on it, one I’m going to explore. So I’m grateful to Chris for giving me the hour to explore this in some detail. And it’s probably quite a strategic weapon to have in my marketing armoury as opposed to all the normal: “How do you fill the room? How do you do Facebook Lives? How do you advertise yourself on social media platforms?” So my big take away today, my golden nugget if you like, is self-expression and how I can help people become more self-expressive.

Andrew Hodge Next Level Speaking