Marketing for change

You have a message to get out into the world ...  

​...  something you want to sell

...  a message ​for people to hear  

... an action ​for them to take

​(At the same time, you are fed up with interruption marketers who phone you or push an advert at you when you are online.  If this is marketing, it is not for you.)

Good marketers add real value to their community, city and other businesses.  

Smart marketers make good money.  

Is it possible to be good and smart?

Yes!  Marketers are good and smart when they build genuine relationships with ​people who benefit from their offer.  

​Opportunities for marketing, by small business and voluntary organisations, have mushroomed  in recent years with the Internet.  The Internet is foremost a marketing medium.  There’s little point being on there if you ​do not market something.  The key is to learn how to use the Internet plus other ​opportunities to build the relationships you need to do business and ​so change the world for the better.

Yes, we need to adapt to this new world.  No, we do not need to compromise with it.  We need to learn how to play to our strengths and reach out to our markets, our supporters, using approaches we and they enjoy. 

Marketing for Change is an experiential and participative programme focuse​d on relational approaches to marketing; based on building trust and friendships with your market, other businesses and the wider community.  

If you believe entrepreneurs like you can change the world, ​don't miss this programme.

Find out how to

  • ​use marketing to transform your community
  • bring in the income you need
  • enjoy what you're doing, using your experience, skills and knowledge

Marketing for Change is for you if you ...

  • ​are a coach, consultant or freelance; or else work for a charity, voluntary or community organisation or social enterprise
  • ​​find marketing frustrating because you are new to it or can't get it to work for you
  • ​enjoy ​participati​on and working collaboratively

Marketing for Chan​ge is ​NOT for you if ...

  • ​you cannot travel to Sheffield for a monthly meeting
  • ​you are happy with your current marketing plan
  • you get frustrated with participative approaches to learning

​This package will help you

  • design a ​local marketing strategy that integrates your in-person and online marketing
  • understand basic principles for a marketing design that plays to your strengths and passions
  • identify pote​ntial allies and work out how to collaborate with competitors
  • slow down your thinking so that you accelerate business growth
  • understand empathy to discern your market's needs and wants
  • find out how listening to your market enables their free speech, helps you hear and act on their deepest desires
  • use technical and adaptive solutions to your market's problems and so make genuine and welcome changes for your clients and for your wider community
  • take imp​erfect action, experience failure, learn from it and discover how to build a stronger marketing design
Chris Sissons

​Dr Chris Sissons helps coaches (and others) enjoy​ their marketing.

​​How Does this Package Work?

This ​package has taught and experiential elements.  

  • Reflect on your business experience as your work on the course materials
  • Learn through collaboration with your coach and other participants

​​For a monthly fee, you receive:

  • Monthly coaching session with other participants.  This roll-on, roll-off programme means numbers vary between a one-to-one with the coach to a full workshop.  There are advantages to both!  Dates, times and venues shall be arranged well in advance.
  • Monthly one-to-one 15 minute telephone or Skype conversation.  You decide the topic about any aspect of marketing your business.
  • Teaching materials in a variety of media, eg pdfs, videos, blog posts ...
  • ​Marketing design template.  We work on this together to build a personal basic design.
  • ​One-to-one feedback session, when you choose to leave the programme.  This helps you take stock and decide your next step.

There is a monthly fee, paid by standing order on the first of the month.  There will be 12 monthly sessions that cycle, so participants can hop on and off as they choose. 

There is a low price ​for the first year, as the programme develops. Those who hop on early play a  key role in developing the ​programme and materials.  Anyone who continues into the second year will ​still ​pay first year rates.  New joiners after the first 12 months may find fees are higher.

Dates for coaching meetings will be announced well in advance.  I ​offer an extra telephone conversation for those who cannot make sessions during their first 3 months.  If you cannot make a session, speak to me as soon as you can and we shall work out the best approach.  The teaching materials shall be available and there will be a telephone conversation later in the month.  You may be able to partner with other members and catch up that way.


​Arrange a meeting with me so that we can work out whether this programme is right for you.  It is also an opportunity to ask questions about the programme.

​Complete the form below.  This will sign you up to my mailing list and inform me of your interest.  If you prefer, you can call me on 07887 352841.

Yes I would like to find out more about Marketing for Change.  Please arrange a meeting face-to-face, by phone or Skype with Chris Sissons by ​entering your name and email address.

Yes, I would like to find out more about Marketing for Change.  Please arrange a meeting face-to-face, by phone or Skype ​with Chris Sissons by ​entering your name and email address.