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Add Genuine Value: Make Good Money!

Are you a coach, consultant or freelance?

Do you feel underpaid for the work you do?

Have you lost sight of your original objective through pressure of work?


​If so, perhaps you are a reluctant business ​owner! You enjoy delivering your offer, working with clients and to be frank, your business interests take second place.

But this is proving to be a headache …

You need to break even on your business, live off your income and make a little more to cover unexpected expenses.  Many people would like to do even better than that!

You're not seeking wealth for its own sake but understand you need more income to carry on doing what you enjoy.

But, you are wary of marketing because in your experience too many people spin too many yarns to generate income for themselves. You really don’t want any part of it!

The same applies even more intensely, where it comes to sales …

The thing is, it need not be this way. My promise is your marketing can be:

  • Congruent with your offer and your values
  • Of immense value to your prospective customers or clients
  • How you deepen your client's understanding of your offer
  • A means to grow connections with other businesses and build community

Would you like to know more?  Follow the orange links below to blog posts, which ​cover aspects marketing together.  Or scroll down and take the quiz to find out how likely your business is to succeed!


Every business brings benefits to its local economy.


​Profit is not the only possible financial aim for your business.


​Work-life balance is important and so is reflection on life and business.


​Marketing thrives with feedback from others.


​Can you trade specialist skills with other businesses?


​Many of us find we need help to get our messsage out there.


​Take time to be clear about your business story and details.


​A strong foundation means you can market with confidence.


​Take time to make sure your marketing is fast and in the right direction.


​Does your online and in-person marketing support each other?


​Can you show benefits your business offers the local economy?


​Do you build partnerships for mutual benefit?

A Nugget of What is Core to Yourself

I’ve just spent really a fascinating hour with marketing expert Chris Sissons in Sheffield. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the session with Chris but we worked at finding a nugget of what is core to yourself, what distinguishes you from all competitors and one we came up with today was self-expression. It’s interesting actually because I always talk about self-confidence and overcome challenge to speaking confidence. It’s what I do and love doing. But to actually describe that as self-expression just puts a slightly nuanced angle on it, one I’m going to explore. So I’m grateful to Chris for giving me the hour to explore this in some detail. And it’s probably quite a strategic weapon to have in my marketing armoury as opposed to all the normal: “How do you fill the room? How do you do Facebook Lives? How do you advertise yourself on social media platforms?” So my big take away today, my golden nugget if you like, is self-expression and how I can help people become more self-expressive.

Andrew Hodge Next Level Speaking

Good coaches add genuine value to their community, city and other businesses

Smart coaches make good money

Is it possible to be both good and smart?

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