Marketing D​es​ign:
Pathways to Attract Your Audience

Open book with pathway

Do you as a business owner:

  • ​Lack clarity about your business narrative, finding it hard to explain why you are in business? Consequently, do you struggle to reach your audience?
  • ​Find you are not sure where to begin or which strategies to use?  Making you unclear about the support available or indeed, what you need?
  • ​Struggle to identify the specific strengths you bring to your business?
  • ​Find you cannot integrate marketing with other business activities?

With the Pathways package, you find out how to design a strategic plan for marketing your business or organisation. This step-by-step approach, helps you attract and engage followers and customers, using in-person and online methods.


Pathways is ideal if you are confident about Production and need to focus on Marketing Design.  It helps you design a marketing plan that plays to your Strengths and Stories.  Together we dig deep into your current business, covering 5 elements of marketing plan design. 


Develop a strong know-like-trust factor with potential members or customers through a compelling business narrative

Products​​ and Services

Clarify your products, services and/or causes for successful online and in-person promotion


Confidently represent your business to potential customers so they highly value what you offer


​Defi​ne the problem your potential customers share so that you can speak directly to their concerns


Clearly identify potential members or customers so you know exactly where to find them and what they want

Then together we:

  • ​Upgrade each of these five elements so that each one becomes a cutting edge for your business. Usually, when business owners upgrade their business, they focus on one element: products and services.  An upgrade to any one element results in improved performance for all five.
  • ​Design a customised, step-by-step marketing plan for your business or organisation, including online and in-person strategies to attract a consistent following.
  • ​Develop a clear prioritised implementation timeline for your marketing plan
  • ​Ensure your team is motivated to implement your plan successfully

The 5 elements and marketing design are always work in progress.  After this coaching you will know how to improve them into the future.

NB This package focuses on marketing design. If you are interested in combining design with production of marketing materials, products and/or services, refer to Produce Your Complete Marketing Strategy.

The Support I Provide

  • ​Two 50-minute sessions per month for 3 months (total of 6 sessions). Delivered in-person or using Skype or similar.
  • ​Up to two 10-minute emergency sessions per month (on demand, usually by phone)
  • ​Unlimited email support between sessions
  • ​Detailed questionnaire covering 5 elements of your marketing
  • ​Detailed marketing design written together
Ron Ram and Ray Collier Association of Bridge Building Churches

Maximise Clarification and Direction


Chris has helped us greatly to develop and present successfully a series of proposals about the future of the ABBC. For us, Chris' ability to pick out the key points in our proposals that needed emphasis to maximise clarification and direction, was most helpful. In doing this, he enabled us to see a way forward which gives us confidence in our proposals with a new motivation. He has also assisted us to develop our ideas for the work of the ABBC in a broader way.


Arrange a free consultation by calling me at 07887 352841. Meetings can be in-person (if you live in the Sheffield, UK area) or online, eg Skype.