Marketing Design and Production:
Your Complete Marketing Strategy

Are you a business owner or organisation leader:

  • ​​struggling to reach your audience online or in-person?
  • ​not sure where to begin or which strategies to use?
  • ​who lacks feedback about marketing activities?
  • ​who needs to ​design and produce relevant marketing materials?

With this package, you design and implement a congruent online and in-person marketing presence, to attract and engage customers or members. You design marketing materials, supplemented by in-depth work on new products and services.

clapperboard production

With this package, you design and implement a congruent online and in-person marketing presence, to attract and engage customers or members. You design marketing materials, supplemented by in-depth work on new products and services.

​​You start with your business, as you experience it and work out the marketing materials, products and services you need to promote your business.  You work on new materials that closely fit your experience, skills and strengths.

Do this alongside your current business practice and transfer successful activities into your main business as experience grows.

This package is very flexible. 

  • ​You can choose to work on design and production together.  We agree on what to work on and then progress with one, two or three at most, projects.
  • ​If you already have a plan and would like help with one specific project, contact me and explain what you need.

Whatever approach we take, you see a clear progression from your Business Narrative through Marketing Plan design to production of marketing materials, products and services.

I provide anything from reviewing current performance through to design and production of specific pieces of work.


​We work together on one or a few production challenges.  We agree in advance and review options as ideas and opportunities present themselves.  Normally we focus on one, two or three of the following:


​Marketing, resourcing and design of participative learning events

​W​ebsite Design or Review

​Design and construct a website from scratch or review and revise an old one

​​Social Media

​​Design social media campaigns to build followers on any platform


​​Marketing and design of coaching packages

​Public Speaking

​Design and/or review of public speaking as a marketing method

​Online Courses

​​Design courses as complementary marketing tools or premium products


​​Strategic networking and how to design those one minute (or less) elevator pitches and conversations

​Email Lists

​List building strategies and practicalities

​Scripts, Emails and Blog Posts

​​Content is important in speech and ​written media

There are other possible products and services.  If you have something different in mind, let’s have a conversation.  Many skills are transferable between products and we can at least identify additional skills from third-party providers.

This package usually includes de​sign and implementation of a customised, step-by-step marketing plan for your organisation, including online and in-person strategies to attract a consistent following.  This follows the pattern describes in Pathways.  If you already have a plan, we can focus solely on production and amend the plan as new ideas emerge. 

For each project we:

  • ​Construct a clear prioritised implementation timeline for your marketing plan
  • ​Identify and line up the support you need to successfully implement your strategy
  • ​Identify ideal partners and initiate ​relationships, ​locally and online, to help promote your business or organisation
  • ​Build a consistent online presence across relevant platforms to increase your business or organisation's visibility to potential customers or members
  • ​Work out exactly how to manage your web presence going forward
  • ​Foster a strong know-like-trust factor through cohesive alignment of your in-person and web presence
  • ​Work with your team so they are motivated to implement your plan successfully
  • ​Take away a fully function​al marketing system, feeling confident about how to attract members or customers

​The ​Support I Provide

  • ​Six-month one-to-one consulting package with up to two representatives of the client
  • ​Two 50-minute sessions per month for 6 months (total of 12 sessions)
  • ​​Up to two 10-minute emergency sessions per month (on demand, normally by phone)
  • ​Unlimited email support in between sessions
  • ​Detailed marketing ​plan
  • ​Completed website to match your strategy, either brand new or revision of your current site. (If you opt for a new website, we shall use WordPress with Thrive themes by default. Ask me for more information.) (Fees do not include hosting, domain name or Premium software.)
  • ​Done-with-you technical support
Andrea Wallen Kangen Water Presenter

Tailored for Structure and Impact


I was procrastinating around writing a backstory because I knew it would be quite a lengthy process for me. I contacted Chris in order to produce an effective condensed version. He talked me through the various ways in which it could be structured and more impactful. Together we tailored it to suit my target audience and I finished with a completed backstory that I am very happy with.


​Your next step is to ​call or text ​on 07887 352841. We can arrange a free consultation in person or online, where together we can work out how I can help you.