​Business Narrative

Every business has a narrative; a selection of stories and information that explains ​why it exists. ​Not all business owners can describe their business narrative in a consistent and compelling way. 

You need to know why you are in business but then the question becomes: how do I explain my Why? Stories and teaching combine together to inform your marketing ​and also your products and services. Stories ​help but no single story can ​cover all possible media channels, audiences or positions along a sales funnel.

With a clear business narrative, you can do ​two things with renewed energy, creativity and enthusiasm. ​You can:

  • ​Design a marketing plan that works for you
  • ​Produce new and compelling marketing materials, products and services

​This diagram shows how everything fits together ...

​Raw Material (from your life experience, case studies, published stories​, data and statistics, etc).


Your Why?

​Business Narrative


Pathways (​Marketing Design)

Five Elements for Marketing Design

  • ​Branding
  • ​Products and Services
  • ​Proposition
  • ​Problem
  • ​Market

Pathways is for you if you ...

  • ​have experience with marketing but need detailed planning for your overall strategy
  • ​can build your own website or other media channel but need help planning content and purpose
  • ​employ a web designer or other consultant and need help preparing a brief and/or managing their work


Production (Marketing Materials, Products and Services)

Choose from Nine Production Types 

  • ​Workshops
  • ​Website Design or Review
  • ​Social Media
  • ​Coaching
  • ​Public Speaking
  • ​Online Courses
  • ​Networking
  • ​Email Lists
  • ​Scripts, Emails and Blog Posts

Production is for you if you ...

  • ​need help building your own website or other media channel
  • ​need support implementing your in-person marketing strategy
  • ​have limited resources and need help building a viable web presence
  • ​lack confidence in your in-person marketing skills and need feedback
  • ​need help preparing your organisation for its marketing