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Chris Sissons

​I ​​help ​successful business owners engag​e hearts and minds, through ​stories and ideas, to get the results they need.

​​My special skill is to ​dramat​ically increase the chances of ​customer buying decisions based on your message.

​Wa​tch this video - it shows why you need a systematic approach to storytelli​ng in marketing:



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Anne Goodridge A Way Forward Coaching

Using a Story as Platform for My Business


I knew that I had a story, but hadn’t managed to work out how best to use it and that has been key. You have helped me understand how I can use my story as a platform for the business.

Doing the questionnaires gave me focus, thinking through each topic. Some questions were difficult and some I didn’t feel relevant – generic questionnaire – sometimes difficult to make it fit. It has given me a structure that has provided an analysis of the business and how I am developing it.

It is the first time I’ve been able to see how they fit together.