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Chris Sissons

​I ​​help ​successful business owners engag​e hearts and minds, through ​stories and ideas, to get the results they need.

​​My special skill is to ​dramat​ically increase the chances of ​customer buying decisions based on your message.

​Wa​tch this video - it shows why you need a systematic approach to storytelli​ng in marketing:



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Andrew Hodge Next Level Speaking

A Nugget of What is Core to Yourself


I’ve just spent really a fascinating hour with marketing expert Chris Sissons in Sheffield. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the session with Chris but we worked at finding a nugget of what is core to yourself, what distinguishes you from all competitors and one we came up with today was self-expression. It’s interesting actually because I always talk about self-confidence and overcome challenge to speaking confidence. It’s what I do and love doing. But to actually describe that as self-expression just puts a slightly nuanced angle on it, one I’m going to explore. So I’m grateful to Chris for giving me the hour to explore this in some detail. And it’s probably quite a strategic weapon to have in my marketing armoury as opposed to all the normal: “How do you fill the room? How do you do Facebook Lives? How do you advertise yourself on social media platforms?” So my big take away today, my golden nugget if you like, is self-expression and how I can help people become more self-expressive.