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Chris Sissons

​I ​​help ​successful business owners engag​e hearts and minds, through ​stories and ideas, to get the results they need.

​​My special skill is to ​dramat​ically increase the chances of ​customer buying decisions based on your message.

​Wa​tch this video - it shows why you need a systematic approach to storytelli​ng in marketing:



  • Weekly story with comments about its genesis and development, streng​ths and weaknesses.  Great opp​ortunty to hone your ​story-telling skills. New subscribers receive catch up ​emails for this unique ​sequence.
  • ​Weekly round up of ​blog posts on ​aspects of storytelling and marketing. 
  • ​Notice of events, including Telling Stories: Making Business, ​w​orkshops​​​​ and other offers relating to story-led and email marketing.​​​
  • Support​ ​from ​Chris Sissons, if you have questions about story-led and email marketing.
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Meticulous Mentor


Chris is a meticulous mentor who helped me define what I wanted from him and from the web site. Just articulating the questions and goals was helpful. Even more, it helped motivate me to actually get on and do it in my busy schedule. Chris’s style is unflappable, approachable, analytical, non-judgemental, clear – and clear about what he doesn’t know but can find out. It’s a co-learning exercise as Chris himself improves on his already well-developed skills and I learn to use the website. I recommend Chris to anyone in the creative or voluntary sectors.