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Chris Sissons

​I ​​help ​successful business owners engag​e hearts and minds, through ​stories and ideas, to get the results they need.

​​My special skill is to ​dramat​ically increase the chances of ​customer buying decisions based on your message.

​Wa​tch this video - it shows why you need a systematic approach to storytelli​ng in marketing:



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You Challenged Me


You’re a stubborn so and so. You challenged me, which I like, although sometimes I found it quite difficult. I’ve learned about myself and got my ideas firmed up and not floating around in the ether any more. You’ve been good at helping me pin those ideas down.

Sometimes I felt I was being pulled kicking and screaming into things I didn’t like doing. It helped me see there is more to selling than acting like a used car salesperson. I didn't find the questionnaires easy but I tried to get into the corporate mindset. You reminded me I can approach this project through the way that I currently ask questions in my work. The important thing is listening and asking the right questions.